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Prayer is an integral part of healing. The mind and body must work together. Faith, love, and compassion provide a powerful opportunity for healing to take place.

At this site, We offer a conduit through which a person of faith may emphasize the words or prayer they want spoken to the Holy One at the world’s most noted holy sites. These holy sites are more than a place to which one might make a pilgrimage; they are, above all, areas of extraordinary energy. When you take the time to offer a Prayer of Thanks to the Holy One, it is heard. Few doubt that there are existent forces that are abundantly powerful. The magic that these sites possess is only limited by your imagination.

This site is alive, vibrate and responsive. The administrators will add other holy sites if requests are received and if it seems to serve a broad purpose to many. Let us know if we've omitted an important site.

  1. It’s Free. That’s right. There is absolutely no cost to have your prayer read at each site you request.
  2. There is no “down side”. And there can be a huge “upside.” We have many heartwarming stories of answered prayers. To have played a small part in the lives of many continues to be our greatest reward in providing this valuable service.
  3. You can cut across religious lines. If you are Catholic but want to offer a prayer to a Buddhist; If you are a Jew and have a prayer of good health for a Moslem friend. Have your prayer read at several sites. The possibilities are endless.

Feel free to submit your request of a brief prayer to be read, at however many sites you choose, Today!
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