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At this site you can electronically touch the holiest sites throughout the world. Using the power of the Internet, you can have your personal prayers read at any of the hundreds of sacred places close to God’s ear. Prayer offers Hope. No matter what else one may feel or what name you have given to God, you may find solace or joy in the simple inner pleasure of prayer. We do not ask for, solicit or accept donations for your prayers to be read at any holy site.

You can write prayers that come straight from your heart or use contemporary traditional prayers by clicking this button:

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Your respectful prayers will be read as you have written them, in English or a language native to that religion or site of your choosing providing, of course that we have enlisted a cooperating independent partner at that site and they can do so. (We are acquiring new independent partners at a very rapid rate so if your selected site doesn't show immediately please try back in two or three days.)

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